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The Virtues Project Educator's Guide: Simple Ways To Create A Culture of Character

Written by Linda Kavelin Popov


Designed primarily for counsellors, teachers, caregivers and youth leaders, this is a guide to creating cultures of caring and integrity in our schools, day care centres, and youth programs. It contains a chapter on each of the five strategies of The Virtues Project with methods, examples, and character awakening activities and practices for Grades K - 12.

It includes: - 52 Virtues honored by all cultures and traditions as "the best within us" - Success stories and sample activities from around the world - The "Virtue of the week" Program - 10 Guidelines for School-Wide Discipline based on Restorative Justice - Tips for the Transformation of Bullying Behavior - Innovative methods for Peer Mentoring

"The Virtues Project Educator's Guide offers a powerfully useful approach to Character Education that naturally permeates the whole school culture it. It energizes teachers, empowers students and restores idealism and hope to our school communities!"


Naomi Robinson, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Lebanon Community School District 9 Lebanon, Oregon

Virtues Project Educator's Guide

  • Paperback-ISBN 188039684x ITEM#-VEG 246 Pages (8.5" x 11" x .5") Published in 2000 by Jalmar Press, CA, USA

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