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About World of Virtues

World of Virtues is a catalyst for new beginnings, a framework for living, growing and adapting to change. Our workshops help people create transformation in themselves and others, bringing a calm, restorative and joyful energy to homes, workplaces and schools around the world.

We strive to unlock the innate potential in every individual, allowing them to take bold action to achieve personal transformation. Our workshops and professional development programs are catalysts for change, fostering hope, empowering action and inspiring unity.

Mojgan's Story

I help parents, teachers and individuals move from feeling helpless, stuck and overwhelmed to hopeful, positive and empowered using the Virtues Project™. I’ve delivered this transformative program around the world, from Mongolia to Singapore, and I’m excited to continue my work in Australia.

But I’ll let you into a little secret, it wasn’t always this way for me!

23 years ago I was parenting two pre-teens, a toddler and working as a Kindy teacher. I was struggling to manage behaviour at home and in class, with a nagging feeling that I was falling short of being the mother I wanted to be. Exhausted, worried and frustrated, I didn’t know how to move forward. And then I stumbled across the Virtues Project™.....


It changed everything.

Today I’m based in Melbourne, and share the Virtues Project™ through online resources, public workshops and in-school training. I’m dedicated to communicating the essence of the Virtues to others and love to see the impact this simple framework can bring to relationships at home, in school and at work.

What do I believe now and always?

That people of all cultures, nationalities and faiths need support, love, wisdom and a positive framework for life. The Virtues are a tool that make this possible, allowing people to step into their power through positive action, self-reflection and personal growth. As life ebbs and flows in unexpected ways, the Virtues are a consistent truth, a safe harbour where you can always return.

Curious about the Virtues?

I went from seeing all the faults to seeing the good in myself and my children. I shifted my perspective, viewing my children as untapped mines filled with gems. I suddenly perceived my role differently and was able to polish these gems of character, encourage and support them in their development.

My pivotal moment came as I stepped into the role of Facilitator for the Virtues Project™ and returned to Singapore to implement this across the International school where I was teaching. As the program gained traction, the transformation was tangible, with parents remarking on the positive change they had noticed in their children at home. This is when I made a commitment to share this gem with every parent, teacher and individual that crossed my path.

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