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Building a Culture of Character in schools

Professional Development

Virtues Taster

A short introduction to the Virtues Project, perfect for your staff meeting or leadership team.

Teacher and Kids in Library
Professional Development

Awaken the Gifts within.

Implement the Virtues in your classroom with this full day professional development training

Professional Development

Whole School Development

Discover the positive impact the Virtues Project has on learning, behaviour and culture with a whole school approach.

Curious of the Virtues Project™ ?

If you’re curious to hear more about the Virtues Project before joining a full day workshop, then then this FREE taster session is ideal for you. It’s designed to fit around your staff meetings or leadership team meetings and runs for approx. 1 hour, with time for a Q&A session at the end.

Here's what's covered: 

  • How the Virtues Project integrates into your classroom

  • The benefits of implementing for your students and staff

  • What makes the program different from the anything else on offer

As a teacher myself, I know from experience, if you have questions, then your colleagues and team members do too! That’s why this Virtues Taster session is a perfect place to start, giving you an overview of the program and an opportunity to ask questions and see if this is a good fit for you.


Book Your FREE Virtues Taster

Awakening the Gifts within

As a classroom teacher you’re stretched thin, managing the learning needs of a diverse group of students, from different cultures, values and backgrounds. The days can feel long, lonely and stressful when you struggle to get the best out of your students.

​This full day workshop covers 

  • 5 Strategies to help you recognise your students' Virtues and nurture them

  • What is restorative justice and how to establish it in your classroom

  • How to stop bickering and teach students to see the good in each other 

  • How to improve social skills by finding Teachable Moments using the Virtues

  • What is Companioning and how it can help develop personal responsibility

  • How to implement effective conflict resolution and build unity in your class


Bonus- Free refresher

Because we know the benefits of lifelong learning, we invite you to re-attend this workshop for free within two years of your firs paid participation*


Are you a Principal or School Leader?

The World of Virtues UN endorsed program provides a school wide framework for communication, connection and education which helps foster the wellbeing for the whole school community. 

Engage World of Virtues to provide training to all your staff, tailored to your specific needs and challenges. Equip your teachers with the skills to develop social and emotional resilience and cultivate positive character traits in their students. 

Our unique approach to includes: 

  • Half or full day workshops 

  • Implementation support 

  • Whole school follow-up 

  • Leadership team briefing 

  • Evaluation tools and strategies 

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The Virtues Project gives kids guidance and structure for behaviour without using a good and bad spectrum. I find it much easier talking through negative behaviour with kids as it gives a clear focus for improvement.


—  Sheena Ashfortait,Upper Elementary School Co-ordinator

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