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Honoured by the United Nations, endorsed by the Dalai Lama

“The Virtues Project is a model global program for families of all cultures.” 


—  United Nations Secretariat, International Year of the Family 

What is the Virtues Project™?

This internationally recognised, UN endorsed program provides empowering strategies to awaken your innate gifts of character, providing the tools you need to create change and transformation in your life.  


Using a simple framework, practical activities and daily actions, the program has been used in homes, families, schools and organisations around the world with great success.

Who benefits from the Virtues Project ™?

The program is ideal for parents, grandparents, teachers, school leaders and individuals who want to:

  • set effective boundaries, manage behaviour and build respect

  • find ways to manage emotions when tempers are rising

  • improve self-esteem, find purpose and feel empowered

  • find practical ways to deal with day to day challenges using teachable moments

  • learn how to use companioning to support others during difficult situations

"Just as precious gems can be hidden within the earth, so too are the gems of character. The Virtues Project empowers you to find and polish these gems in order to live more meaningful and fulfilled lives".

Mojgan Tosif

Why Virtues?

Life’s twists and turns can leave your head spinning, from curve balls at home and pressures at work, it’s no surprise it feels like a runaway train! Imagine you could slow that train down, find a safe haven and press the re-set button. Instead of hurtling out of control you could find new direction, energy and self-mastery.
Sound too good to be true?
I thought the same until I saw the transformative results the Virtues Project ™ delivers.
The struggle is real…
23 years ago I was a Kindy teacher and working mum with two pre-teens and a toddler. Life felt chaotic! I was struggling to manage behaviour at home and at school and all the time moving further away from the mother I truly wanted to be. And then I discovered the Virtues Project™.
It changed everything
I went from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed  to seeing my world with fresh eyes.
Where I had been focusing on the negative I saw opportunity for change, where I had been seeing fault, I saw untapped potential and where I’d been overwhelmed– I found new direction.
Now I’m an accredited Master Facilitator for the Virtues Project and share this transformational program through the World of Virtues.   

Grounding and Effective

"I found the Virtues Workshop to be honest and grounding and really quite effective in its simplicity ".


Creating a Culture of Character

A culture of character recognises that the virtues already exist within everyone, they just need the right conditions to be awakened. Using Five simple Strategies ™, you’ll learn how to nurture a culture of character in your home, school or organisation and work collectively to unlock the virtues, allowing them to shine.

A culture of character provides practical steps for thinking, responding, seeing and doing. It offers an actionable, repeatable and flexible framework that families and educators have adopted around the world.


Practical Parenting

From toddlers to teens discover the tools you need for compassionate parenting


Teacher Toolkit

Unlock the innate potential within your students and watch their behaviour change


Discover You

Connect with your inner wisdom, find your direction and live with renewed purpose. 

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