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Our parenting programs are designed to give you a new toolkit for compassionate parenting, one that works from toddlers to teens!

Jumping on the Bed
0-4 Years

Raised with Love

A workshop helping you establish compassionate parenting with strong boundaries from the start

Boy and sister
5-11 Years

Raising Children of Character

Learn how to raise respectful, compassionate and resilient children with this practical workshop

Legs in Jeans
12-18 Years

Raising Resilient Tweens/Teens

Discover how to build strong bonds and stay connected in the teenage years with the help of this workshop

Raised with Love (0-4years)


Are you an expectant Mum preparing for baby’s arrival?

Do you want to lay good foundations in the first 4 years?

Is creating a warm, nurturing and peaceful home important to you?

Aimed at parents-to-be, you’ll be introduced to the World of Virtues, a UN endorsed model for families that will help you set the direction for your future parenting.

Why attend this workshop now?

Why wait until you’re stressed and struggling? Many parents who do the workshop with older children say they wish they’d done it sooner! But they didn’t seek help till they were exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed!  

You can do it differently!

This workshop is designed to equip you with 5 Simple Strategies that will set you up to build a respectful, loving home that will awaken the qualities of character within your and your child


Raising Children of Character (5-11years)

Do your days feel frazzled and chaotic?

Do you feel exhausted repeating the same patterns?

Are you struggling to hold it together with discipline


Designed for parents with children aged 4 to 10 years, you’ll be introduced to the Virtues Project, a UN endorsed model for families. The program will give you 5 simple strategies to deal with common parenting road blocks like challenging behaviour, emotional outbursts, guilt and overwhelm.

The early years are crucial times in children’s’ lives as your little sponge soaks up everything they see, hear and feel. This workshop is a practical guide to implementing a simple positive way of raising children using the Virtues tools. It helps you to bring out the best in your child and yourself, creating a calm, respectful and loving culture in your home.



Raising Resilient Tweens &Teens (12-18years)

Have teenage hormones robbed you of your easy-going child?

Are you getting attitude and sullen moods?

Do you tread-on-eggshells with your explosive teen?


Aimed at parents with children aged 10+ this workshop will help you navigate the teenage years.  You may be surprised to see teenage behaviour in your pre-teen, but from around 10 years old you may see the effects of hormone surges in your child, leading to emotional outbursts, unpredictable behaviour and ‘attitude’.

The Virtues Project can help to create a new way of talking with your teen, allowing you to see their positive qualities and nurture their strengths. This workshop is a practical guide to implementing a simple positive way of parenting tweens and teens the Virtues tools.




One idea I have already put into action is cup-emptying. It did wonders, in the way my child expressed her concern to me an how she resolved it, the two times I did it. Attending the Virtues Workshop made speaking positively more powerful for me by adding the Virtues Language.


—  Parent

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