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Living from the Core

Discover a way back to yourself in this half day workshop. 

In Living from the Core you will discover a simple framework for daily action that opens the door to new beginnings, sustains positive thinking and empowers you to achieve personal transformation. 

Living from the Core will show you how to- 

  • Understand your needs and take charge of meeting them 

  • Replace the inner critic with the gentle observer 

  • Find purpose, direction and meaning 

  • Learn how to find calm, balance and be able to manage your emotions 

  • Discover ancient teachings, discover new wisdom and personal spirituality 

  • Find clarity when dealing with conflict, challenges and difficult situations 

  • See the good in yourself and others

  • Know how to support friends, family and colleagues using companioning 

  • Feel confident to be present for others in their times of need 

  • Reconnect with your core values

Living from the core
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