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Practical tools for happier homes, schools and communities. 

World of Virtues

In today's world it's all too easy to feel overwhelmed, chaotic and critical, with competing demands  on your time, energy and attention.


World of Virtues helps to restore balance and purpose to your life through parenting workshops, teacher training and personal development. 

United Nations Secretariat, International Year of the Family 

The Virtues Project is a model global program for families of all cultures.

Transform chaos into calm 


Conscious Parenting

From toddlers to teens discover the tools you need for compassionate parenting


Teacher's Toolkit

Unlock the innate potential within your students and watch their behaviour change


Discover You

Connect with your inner wisdom, find your direction and live with renewed purpose. 

Who is this ideal for ?

Whether you’re helping a loved one through a difficult time or supporting your child to manage their emotions, our programs provide the tools and strategies to guide you. Described as "a catalyst for hope and a framework for life" the World of Virtues helps people find direction, adapt to change and discover their inner gifts. 

Professionals working long hours in a stressful environment

Parents with children from toddlers to teens

Teachers who are working tirelessly to bring out the best in their students

School leader who is responsible for the wellbeing of staff and student

Why Virtues?

Born from the desire to combat rising suicide rates and youth violence the Virtues Project™ was founded 31 years ago to bring new hope, meaning and purpose to the lives of young people. Since it’s humble beginnings it has grown to become a worldwide movement, honoured by the UN as a ‘global program for all cultures’.


Today, World of Virtues continues to share this message through personal and professional development workshops that shape character, deliver hope and inspire personal transformation.

Mojgan’s Story

World of Virtues is founded by Mojgan Tosif, teacher, parent and Master Facilitator of the Virtues Project™. Mojgan believes in helping people to live empowered and enriched lives using the Virtues Strategies. She is driven to be of service to others, awakening their knowledge of their own inner qualities of character and assisting them to see the good in themselves and others. Having already shared World of Virtues around the world, Mojgan is now sharing this transformative program with schools, parents and individuals in Australia.

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